Controlled Lab Pushes Innovation Forward for N-Stars

"N-stars Fashion Co. Ltd announced the new laboratory launch in April, 2020, with this lab N-stars will be able to provide better control on fabric quality and performance.

N-stars constantly think about "how could we provide more and better services " to our customers, considering all brands in the market are paying more and more attention to fabrics quality & performance, we decided to build a conditioned room in 2019 & officially completed it in April 2020.

This new laboratory has constant temperature and humidity system that meets the requirements of ASTM D1776. In this lab we provide several testing services meeting test standard including : American Textile Chemistry Association standards (American Association of Textile Chemistry and Colorists, AATCC), American Society for Testing and Materials standards (ASTM), ISO testing standards…etc. With the support from this lab, we could greatly improve quality control on each progress covering both development & production, also we could ensure the specification and performance of our products could meet strict safety & quality requirements in the market.

In the future, N-stars will persist its excellent quality and service, and with the help of this laboratory, we will be able to master fabric production and push further for non-stop innovation.

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